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President’s Message


March 2020

  A lot has happened in the last few weeks. First of all, I am having to rewrite this message from scratch due to things going on in the world and some key decisions that have been made. By now everyone should have seen my email from March 17th advising that we have cancelled all Club Rides as well as cancelled the 2020 Tour de Forts Classicdue to the Coronavirus.

  As you can guess neither of those decisions were made with any sort of glee or happiness on my part. I know everyone looks forward to TdF and riders from out of town look forward to visiting St Augustine. I also know lots of hard work has already gone into preparing for it. However, since those decisions were made, we received other news that is causing us to postpone instead of outright cancel TdF. As you will read in the article from our Event Director Paul Ricci there are lots of costs that go into events such as TdF and not the smallest of which is Event Insurance. Our Insurance Company advised that we could postpone the event and not have to pay a cancellation fee. This is great news when you consider that we are not for profit organization and refunding registration fees is very impactful to donating to Pedaling for Safety.

  I know what you are saying, you’re saying “Ok Brian but what does all that mean?”. That means that on September 13, we will be hosting the Tour de Forts Classicout of the same venue, with the same routes and with the only change being the date.

  That the good news, that TdF will happen this year. So that means the bad news is there will be no ESWR for 2020. Not having an ESWR in 2020 was very concerning to me. With other events not happening, I certainly did not want an NFBC event to on that list. Also weighing heavy on my mind was what our members in Fernandina might feel. Would they feel that the club has forgotten about than and is only focusing on St Johns County? While that still concerns me, we did do some research and spoke with riders in Fernandina to make sure they were aware of rational and reasons why. Thankfully it turns out they are ok, maybe not joyful about it, but they are understanding.

  If you had already registered for TdF you should have received an email from Paul Ricci, our Event Director, asking what you want to do with your registration fee. All registrants have three options; an outright refund, forward your registration to another event, or make your registration fee a donation to Pedaling for Safety. I encourage all registered riders to respond to that email soon so that we can handle, however you wish, in a timely manner.

In my March 17th email, I mentioned that things change, and they change quickly. As I rewrite my President’s Message for the second time, this month I do so knowing that things could change again. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring and how long the Coronavirus will be impacting our lives. All indicators are that it should be over by September, but again we just don’t know.

  I will sign off by saying wash your hands, don’t touch your face and stay at least six feet away from anyone you ever met. If you can get out for a quick solo ride great, if not time to dig out that old trainer you’ve had laying around for some time.


If you see me out on road, please say hi. If you see me out on the road and you have a great idea for improving our club, please email me at

Thank you, .

Brian Reyes