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President’s Message


March 2021

Not much to report this month. Plans are still in the works for Tour de Forts and those are progressing nicely. If you attended the February Members meeting you’ll know that we announced the date and location of the event this year. If you were not at the February Members meeting, the date of the event was changed to May 23rd and the location will be the St Johns County Fairgrounds.  Registration is open now at If are interested in volunteering in any way, please reach out to me or anyone on the planning committee. We do have several volunteer positions that will allow you to ride.

  I also have news on the 2020 Awards front. If you earned an award, you should have been contacted recently by Bob Stoltz, Club Statistian or Pat Hale, Merchandise Manager asking if you would like to receive your award and which Ride Leader you will pick it up from. Awards will be distributed through Ride Leaders this year but only though active Ride Leaders. So, if you believe you’ve earned an award but haven’t received an email from either Bob or Pat, please be on the lookout or reach out to Bob directly and he will confirm if you’ve earned and award.

  Lastly I want to touch on Advocacy. Our new Director of Advocacy Steve Tocknell will be writing more about this in his section of the newsletter but I encourage all Duval County residents to reach out to your City Council Member to encourage them to increase funding for the Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator. Since this position was created we are on our 4th or 5th one and the reason we have gone through so many in a very short amount of time is this position is not one that has much influence within the city so we are also asking you to encourage your Council Member to elevate this position to a the level of a Chief and give them a support staff. This position can be very influential if given the right authorities. We as a club, greatly value the assistance and additional infrastructure all previous Bike Ped Coordinators have given us, but we must get the city to hire someone who can take this city from one of the deadliest in the country to one seen as bicycle friendly. You can go here, to see the list of Jacksonville City Council Members and find yours. Thank you in advance.

If you see me out on road, please say hi. If you see me out on the road and you have a great idea for improving our club, please email me at

Thank you, .

Brian Reyes