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 Far too many cyclists are dying or injured on Jacksonville roadways, often because of
 unsafe conditions.

 Far too many are needlessly driving when they could be cycling, if only there were more
 access such as bike lanes and trails and if conditions were safer.

 These circumstances are the result of political decisions and non-decisions that fail to
 keep pace with the public's need for better access for bicycles and more safety 
Against that backdrop, the North Florida Bicycle Club initiated a poll of candidates for Mayor, Sheriff and City Council for the 2015 election to ascertain their views about bicycle access and safety.

The poll's sole purpose was to inform cyclists and others about the views of would-be elected officials on topics of alternative transportation. We were encouraged by the insights and apparent commitment of several of the candidates to improving safety and access.

The NFBC endorsed no candidates, but strongly encouraged everyone to vote, which is the individual's most powerful way to bring about change.
Though the election is over, we are leaving these responses available for viewing so as to hold the winners to their commitments. The responses of the losers are still important in moving Jacksonville to becoming more bicycle-friendly and stand in contrast to the winners who failed to respond to our survey. 
Click on the candidates' names in red to view individual responses.
Omega Allen NPA-Lost
Bill Bishop REP-Lost
Alvin Brown DEM-Lost
Lenny Curry REP-WON
City Council At Large Group 1
Anna Lopez Brosche REP-WON
Kimberly Daniels  DEM-Incumbent-Lost
Terry Reed  DEM-Lost
David Taylor REP-Did not respond-Lost

City Council At Large Group 2 
David Barron REP-Did not respond-Lost
John R. Crescimbeni  DEM-WON
Theresa Graham  REP-Lost
City Council At Large Group 3 
Tommy Hazouri  DEM-WON
Mincy "Praya" Pollock DEM-Lost
Geoff "Jeff" Youngblood REP-Did not respond-Lost

City Council At Large Group 4 
Greg Anderson REP-Did not respond-WON
Juanita Powell-Williams  DEM-Lost

City Council At Large Group 5
Samuel Newby REP-WON
Ju'Coby Pittman  DEM-Lost
Michelle Tappouni  REP-Lost

City Council District 1
Mike Anania  REP-Lost
Eddie Christian REP-Did not respond-Lost
Joyce Morgan  DEM-WON
Melody Shacter  DEM-Lost

City Council District 2
Jack Daniels REP-Did not respond-Lost
Al Ferraro REP-Did not respond-WON
Lisa King  DEM-Lost

City Council District 3
Aaron Bowman  REP-WON
James Nealis  REP-Lost

City Council District 4
Ramon Day  DEM-Lost
Fred Engness  REP-Lost
Ryan Taylor  REP-Lost
Scott Wilson  REP-WON

City Council District 5
Lori Boyer REP-unopposed WON

City Council District 6
Connie Benham REP-Did not respond-Lost
Matt Schellenberg REP-Did not respond-WON

City Council District 7
Niki Brunson  NPA-Lost
James Eddy  DEM-Lost
Donald Foy DEM-Did not respond-Lost
Reggie Gaffney DEM-Did not respond-WON
Marc McCullough Sr. DEM-Did not respond-Lost
Wendell Sams DEM-Did not respond-Lost
George Spencer Jr. DEM-Did not respond-Lost
Sirretta Williams  DEM-Lost

City Council District 8
James Breaker  DEM-Lost
Katrina Brown DEM-Did not respond-WON
Terry Fields DEM-Did not respond-Lost
Pat Lockett-Felder DEM-Did not respond-Lost
Lynn Sherman DEM-Did not respond-Lost

City Council District 9
Garrett Dennis DEM-Did not respond-WON
Glorious Johnson DEM-Did not respond-Lost

City Council District 10
Reginald "Reggie" Brown DEM-Did not respond-WON
Celestine Mills DEM-Did not respond-Lost
Joseph Willis NPA-Did not respond-Lost

City Council District 11
Danny Becton REP unopposed WON

City Council District 12
Doyle D. Carter  REP-Incumbent-WON
Abner Davis  DEM-Lost

City Council District 13
Bill Gulliford REP-unopposed-WON

City Council District 14
Jim Love  REP-Incumbent-WON
Jason Tetlak  DEM-lOST

Tony Cummings  DEM-Lost
Jay Farhat  REP-Lost
Jimmy Holderfield  REP-Lost
Ken Jefferson  DEM-Lost
Lonnie McDonald  REP-Lost
Rob Schoonover  REP-Lost
Mike Williams  REP-WON